i really miss this guy..that pose is kinda AYO though 

i really miss this guy..

that pose is kinda AYO though 


Within hours, more than 200,000 fans had thrown their support behind the project; within a week, more than 1 million had voted in favor of pushing the statue into production. As of the latest update, dated April 10, the statue — which captures the moment Marbury lifted the CBA championship trophy, shown above — has been modeled in clay, “transported to the Jiangxi Province [and is] ready to start after the bronze work,” 


So apparently Stephon Marbury has become the Micheal Jordan of China and is getting a bronze statue of him made after leading his Beijing Ducks to a championship this year. I hate to admit this but I was a big Starbury supporter for the first few years he was on the Knicks. He was one of the most talented players when he was in the league averaging 21 & 8 and 27 and 6 in China but he just never caught a good break. Isaiah Thomas basically ruined what could have been a hall of fame-type career. Even though I respect his game, I still hate him for the part he played in the Knicks’ futility the past decade.

It could be worse, I heard they’re making a bronze statue of Isaiah Thomas at FIU.. heh

New York Knicks @ Indiana Pacers Post Game Reaction
Final Score: 104-112 L
Knicks (27-27) 8th in the East
Pacers  (32-21) 3rd in the East

I HATE the mornings after games like these. I refuse to watch ESPN/NBAtv while I eat my breakfast like I normally do because I know its just gonna put me in a bad mood all day.

I should’ve just titled this as the Post Game Vent because thats pretty much what its gonna end up being. We were up 17 with 58 seconds left in the 3rd. Melo was being melogod once again, dropping 39 while landry fields chipped in an efficient 15. But we broke down defensively in the 4th and just couldn’t recover. 

I can’t stand this Indiana team, Danny Granger pointing to Novak and doing the discount double check move after hitting the three wasn’t necessary. Indiana won’t win a chip anytime soon and I bet he’s gonna end up moving to another team after he realizes it. We didn’t have J-Lin and Amare and that scrub ass team barely beat us. The Knicks are the superior team even though our record doesn’t show it. If you don’t think so look at the two games against Indiana before this one. Ugh, whatever.

If the Knicks miss the playoffs by ONE game, this is the one everyone will remember. The Bucks have cut our playoff lead to 1.5 games and look to do more damage. Our schedule isn’t looking too great at the moment with a game against the Magic at Orlando and a home & home series against the Bulls. At the same time the Bucks have their next 5 games at home starting with the Cavs, Bobcats and Blazers. With Jeremy Lin and Amar’e Stoudamire still 4 or more weeks away, our playoff odds are starting to slip away.

F*ck Indiana, seriously. 



Something happened between Knicks’ midnight flight back in New York (arriving at 2am Saturday) and injury update press conference (around 5pm Saturday). 


Baron Davis to Miss 2-4 Weeks

The bad news just keeps piling up for the Knicks. Reports from the Knicks training staff state that Davis has tweaked a disk in his lower back during the 91-75 victory over the Cleveland Cavs last night. Davis will opt to not have surgery but instead fly to Washington DC to get a second opinion.

This one really hurts.. The Knicks have reverted back to the worst backcourt in the league. Before the Lin-sanity era, we have witnessed 2 months of virtually no ball movement and poor point guard play. Mike Bibby will start over the injured Davis with Toney Douglas seeing significant minutes off the bench. But worry not Knicks-nation, because April Fools day is only for another half hour ;P